Perfect match: how to choose the best pacifier for your baby

Soothies and pacifiers

Comfort is a pretty personal thing, so we’ve created a range of pacifiers to suit every baby’s needs. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by choice, this guide will talk you through how to choose the best pacifier for your little one.

Pacifier must-haves

First, let’s cover a few comfort essentials. Comfort might be personal, but we think there are some non-negotiables. All our pacifiers are BPA free, orthodontic and support the natural palate development of your baby —just in case you were wondering!


Get personal about comfort

Now, let’s get more personal. To narrow down your search for the best pacifier you’ll need to consider a few things:


  • Your baby’s age
  • Your baby’s skin sensitivity
  • Your baby’s preference

Find the right type of comfort

So now that you know what to consider, we’ll explain how each of our four pacifiers stack up against one another.


Mini pacifier

Think of the Mini as, well, exactly that: mini. When you’re a newborn everything feels a bit oversized, so we created a pacifier with an extra small and lightweight shield that’s designed not to touch the nose.

Sizes: 0-2months

Best pacifier for: Parents who want a great all-rounder for their newborn



Soothie is our one-piece pacifier made of medical-grade silicone. Unlike a regular pacifier, Soothie allows you to offer the comfort of your finger at the same time via a hole on the front.

Sizes: 0-3months and 3months+ 

Best pacifier for: Parents who want a medical grade pacifier that offers extra comfort for their newborn.


Classic pacifier

Think of the Classic pacifier like an everyday all-rounder, available with a wide variety of designs. Because the need for comfort can strike day or night, we also create easy to find glow-in-the-dark designs

Sizes: 0-6months and 6-18months 

Best pacifier for: Parents who want a high quality all-rounder for day and night.


Freeflow pacifier

Some skin can be a little more sensitive than others. Unlike a regular shield, our Freeflow pacifier has larger air holes in the shield to help keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable

Sizes: 0-6months,  6-18months and 18m+ months

Best pacifier for: Parents who want a pacifier that’s gentle on skin.


Ultra soft pacifier

Does your little one love a delicate touch? The ultra soft pacifier is designed with a flexible and soft shield, and extra airflow to help avoid marks and skin irritation.

Sizes: 0-6months and 6-18 months

Best pacifier for: Parents who want a pacifier that’s extra delicate on sensitive skin.


Final steps

Once you’ve chosen a pacifier type based on your baby’s needs, it’s then a case of choosing the right size and a design. Each of our pacifiers is sized according to age, and of course, the design is up to you!


Want to know more about our pacifiers? Click here to explore the range.

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