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Alarm clock

    Alarm clock

    Wake up & fall asleep with nature

    Fill your bedroom with the calming calls of nature or tunes. Pick from a list of these and use any of the 20 in alarms, or the sleep timer that gently fades music out. The Philips Alarm clock also offers multi-colored mood-lights. See all benefits

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Alarm clock

Multicolor moodlight, USB port for charging, Alarm, Natural sound, Plug and set AJH510/37 Find similar products

Wake up & fall asleep with nature

Also enjoy multi-colored mood-lights

  • Multi-color mood-lights to match your style

    Multi-color mood-lights to match your style

    Color and light can affect how you feel. One combination can make you feel energized, and another make you feel composed. Colored lights are also undeniably attractive and can add interest to any room. This clock radio comes with multi-color mood-lights that can produce more than 32,000 colors - giving you a plethora of hues to choose from, whether you want light that matches your mood or your décor.

  • 20 nature sounds & tunes for falling asleep & waking calmly

    20 nature sounds & tunes for falling asleep & waking calmly

    Say good night and mean it. 20 built-in sounds help you fall asleep and wake up better, with 15 chosen to create an atmosphere of calm in your bedroom, lulling you into deep and restful sleep. Drop off to sounds of nature like those made by rain and forests, soothing environmental sounds like heartbeats and wind chimes, or music designed to put you in the mood for sleep. When morning comes, wake up refreshed with any of five sounds, including the toll of a bell and the chirping of birds. Besides the wide selection of sounds, you can also choose to wake up to a standard buzzer or to the radio.

  • Peaceful sleep timer with gradual music fade-out

    Peaceful sleep timer with gradual music fade-out

    This soothing sleep timer allows you to program the required length of time for music fade-out to coincide with how long you normally take to fall asleep. Besides its power-saving capabilities, it also helps to ease you into blissful slumber by eliminating the need to adjust the volume or the shock of an abrupt end to the background music as you start to doze off.

  • Adjustable display brightness for comfort viewing

    Adjustable display brightness for comfort viewing

    The Philips radio's playing time can easily be controlled by setting the preferred number of minutes on the digital timer. It automatically counts down the time and turns off the radio at the end of the session.

  • Adjustable alarm volume for reliable wake up calls

    Adjustable alarm volume for reliable wake up calls

    Philips clock radios let you rise and shine the way you want to. An adjustable alarm volume allows you to set the loudness of your wake up call to your fancy. Whether you need a louder alarm to get out of bed on time, or prefer a softer alarm for gentle rousing, the adjustable volume gives you the flexibility to start the day your way.

  • Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience

    Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience

    Start your day right by waking up gently to a gradually escalating alarm volume. Normal alarm sounds with a preset volume are either too low to wake you up or are so uncomfortably loud that you are rudely jolted awake. Choose to wake up to your favorite music, radio station or buzzer alarm. Gentle wake's alarm volume gradually increases from subtly low to reasonably high in order to gently rouse you.

  • Mood-lights control for color loop or desired ambience

    Play the mood-lights to let the colors loop - and enjoy a vibrant ambiance. Or pause the lights to stop at a color you simply like, or a color that matches your room or your mood.

  • Plug and set the time automatically

    Take the clock out of its box, plug it in and the time is already set for you - automatically. The intelligent clock reads preprogrammed data and sets the correct time according to the default time zone. If you are living outside the default time zone, all you have to do is press the Time zone button and the clock will reset the time. No more reading manuals, no more fiddling with buttons.

  • Time and alarm backup for on-time wakeup even with power cut

    When there is a power failure, this intelligent clock will still maintain and keep its reliable time and your settings. The scheduled alarm remains active even when its display is off - all thanks to a pre-installed battery. When the power comes back on, there is no need to adjust the clock or reinstate settings. More amazingly, even if power supply is not restored, the battery provides enough energy for the buzzer to go off at the alarm time you have set - making sure you never wake up late.

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