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Personalize your sleep experience, wake up refreshed  

With a suite of connected customizable features, environment tracking and a mobile app our top-of-the-line Somneo is designed to help you fall asleep relaxed, sleep tight and wake up refreshed.
Customizable sunrise and sunset simulation
RelaxBreathe: Light-guided wind-down breathing
Personalized settings with multiple options

See the connected SmartSleep experience

Improve your days and nights men's video

A new level of connectivity...

With SmartSleep and the SleepMapper app you can set multiple alarms, choose wake-up themes, select light intensity, and control your sounds and radio. The app also shows your environmental data and can track your time spent in bed. Connecting to your iOS or Android device gives you total control of your experience.
Somneo app on phone

...for unsurpassed functionality


Optimal bedroom conditions can help you sleep better. With an external sensor to collect and track data, Somneo monitors temperature, humidity, noise and light factors that might be effecting your sleep experience so you can make changes to your environment to help you get your best sleep.
AmbiTrack video


Inspired by widely used breathing and relaxation exercises Somneo's light-guided wind-down is designed to help you decompress and unwind. The customizable program lets you choose from pre-set rhythms to help you relax.
RelaxBreathe video


Easily snooze by tapping the top of the light to turn off sound so you can doze a little longer. If you can only snooze for so long before you have to get up, PowerWake’s flashing lights and loud sounds  are designed to always wake you up on time.
PowerWake video

Customize your experience

Use light themes inspired by sunrises around the world accompanied by your choice of nature sounds, ambient music or favorite station. Gently awake with the growing sunrise and rising music rousing you. In the evening, choose your preferred light level for reading, then wind-down with a sunset simulation or RelaxBreathe. The illuminated clock will dim in the darkness. In the middle of the night, turn on Somneo to provide just enough light to find your way.
Customize your experience video

Smart touch display

Integrated multi-level touch display gives you control intuitively and quickly. Just approach the front of the display area with your hand the control buttons appear. Brightness of the display auto-adjusts to the light level, or you can switch it off completely.
Smart touch display

Easy WiFi set up

Set up Somneo in just a few minutes. For easy set up: ensure you have sufficient reception in the room, your router is set to 2.4 Ghz and you are not using a firewall or protected network.
Easy WiFi set up
Large donut chart 92%

Philips Wake-up Lights are clinically proven to work, with 92% of users agreeing that it is easier to get out of bed1

donut chart 92%
of users say that Wake-up Light wakes them up pleasantly
Donut chart 88%
of users say that Wake-up Light is a better way to wake up than how they did before
Donut chart 89%
would recommend Philips Wake-up Light to others after just two weeks of use
2 million circle

Over two million sold worldwide2

1 (Blauw Research 2008, N=477 users)

2 (Across all Philips Wake-up Light models since introduction in 2008-2017)

Smartsleep Design buzz 


Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light combines features to improve both sleep and waking in a single device.

The graceful, iF Design Award-winning form leverages light technology that spans millions of light gradations across the full natural spectrum of the sun.
Our best tested and perceived design ever.
The sleek, modern shape ads style and function to your bedroom.
Somneo design buzz video
iF award with product
One of the world's most celebrated and valued design competitions. iF DESIGN AWARD is recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world with over 5,000 submissions from 70 countries every year.

The choice is yours

Smartsleep Connected offers thousands of options for creating a sleeping experience all your own. Choose from:

Choice 8 sounds
Choice sun themes
Choice 10-50 minute
Choice 20 volume
Choice 25 brightness

Compare Philips wake up lights

Somneo Connected

Somneo Connected


Somneo Non-connected

Somneo Non-Connected


Unfortunately this product is no longer available

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