Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic espresso machine

Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic espresso machine

Brews 8 coffee varieties, Automatic Milk Frother, Stainless steel, 10-step adjustable grinder HD8924/47


There is coffee powder in the interior/under the brew group of my Philips/Saeco espresso machine.

Ground coffee in your Philips/Saeco espresso machine's interior or under the brew group is normal. Discover how to keep your espresso machine in perfect condition.

Powder during first time use

Some coffee powder was left behind after testing

We test all machines before leaving the factory. Although your machine has been carefully cleaned, there might be some coffee residual left. We guarantee however that the appliance is absolutely new.

Powder after some day's of usage

This is normal behavior due to fines of the coffee powder

  • Because of the fineness of the ground coffee powder, some coffee powder residues in the interior and under the brew group are normal
  • Weekly clean the brew group and the inside of your machine with a damp cloth

There is an increase of coffee powder that ends up in the interior/under the brew group

The piston of the brew group is not well greased

  1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until you hear no more sounds (this can take up to 15-20 seconds)
  2. Remove the brew group and rinse it with fresh water, especially the filter on the brew group
  3. Make sure the brew group is well greased, see movie for instructions
  4. Place back the brew group, coffee grounds container, drip tray and close the service door
  5. Switch the machine back ON
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The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8924/47 , HD8927/47 , HD8911/47 , HD8917/47 , HD8869/47 , HD8645/47 , HD8745/57 , HD8767/47 , HD8967/47 , HD8855/47 , HD8758/57 , HD8771/93 , HD8759/47 , HD8964/47 , HD8765/47 , HD8773/47 , HD8966/47 , HD8857/47 , HD8772/47 , HD8775/48 , HD8852/47 , HD8750/47 , HD8954/47 , HD8751/47 , HD8753/87 , HD8752/87 , HD8930/47 , RI9753/47 , HD8856/47 , HD8946/47 , HD8944/47 , RI9913/47 , RI9305/48 , HD8833/47 , HD8838/47 , HD8837/47 , RI9946/47 , HD8745/47 , RI9752/47 , RI9755/47 , RI9757/47 , RI9724/47 , RI9837/05 , RI9833/47 , RI9828/47 , RI9822/47 , RI9752/48 , RI9836/11 , RI9944/04 , RI9944/01 , RI9943/11 , RI9737/20 , RI9754/47 , RI9737/21 , RI9304/47 , RI9304/48 , RI9304/49 , RI9701/48 . more less


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