Avent Spout Cup

Avent Spout Cup

My Little Sippy Cup, 9oz/260ml, 9m+, Hard spout SCF753/40


How do I keep my Philips Avent drinking cup clean?

Philips Avent drinking cups are easy to clean:

  • After each use, disassemble your cup and clean all parts thoroughly in warm water and some liquid soap. You can also clean all parts on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial cleaning agents or chemical solvents

Note: Always sterilize your drinking cup before the first use.

Philips Avent drinking cups are carefully designed so that all parts that come in contact with liquid can be cleaned easily (preventing mold growth). Our valves are made of transparent silicone, for extra peace of mind.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF753/40 , SCF753/41 , SCF751/29 , SCF753/33 , SCF751/23 , SCF751/27 , SCF753/25 , SCF753/27 , SCF555/13 , SCF555/15 , SCF762/21 , SCF762/23 , SCF760/10 , SCF762/20 , SCF762/10 , SCF760/20 , SCF551/00 , SCF782/54 , SCF782/53 , SCF551/22 , SCF553/22 , SCF553/23 , SCF553/25 , SCF751/22 , SCF751/30 , SCF753/22 , SCF753/30 , SCF782/27 , SCF782/28 , SCF782/15 , SCF782/17 , SCF782/11 , SCF782/13 , SCF766/00 , SCF760/00 , SCF760/22 , SCF762/00 , SCF762/22 . more less

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