Saeco Xsmall Super-automatic espresso machine

Brews 2 coffee varieties, Classic Milk Frother, Silver, 5 step adjustable grinder HD8745/57


The red exclamation light is flashing and the green temperature light is steady on of my Saeco Xsmall

This means you need to descale the your Xsmall espresso machine.


  • Once started the process, it needs be finished until the end without interrupting. Unplugging the machine will not exit the process
  • In case you cannot finish the descaling procedure; unplug the machine, set the control dial is in the BEAN position and turn the machine ON by pressing the ON/OFF button. The machine will automatically start the descaling process from step 6. Continue from there and finish until the end.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8745/57 , RI9753/47 , HD8745/47 , RI9752/47 , RI9755/47 , RI9757/47 , RI9752/48 , RI9754/47 . more less

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