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    Philips Support

    How to repair Philips MP3 player with Device manager?

    Published on 2017-02-28

    It is possible to repair your Philips MP3 player with Philips Device Manager. See below how to perform the repair:

    Contents stored in the player will be erased after player repair

    You are recommended to backup the data before performing repair.

    3. Press and hold the VOL+ button while connecting to your PC

    Press and hold the volume plus button VOL+ simultaneously when you connect your player to your PC until the Philips Device Manager acknowledges your player and enters the repair mode.

    GoGear Philips Device manager

    4. Release the 'VOL+' button to start the repair process

    GoGear repair with Philips Device manager

    5. Follow the on-screen instructions and disconnect your player when repair is completed

    Performing a repair is the last diagnostic step that can be done to rectify the malfunction of your player. If this does not solve your issue, please contact our Philips customer service.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SA5AZU16KF/37 , SA5DOT04ONS/37 , SA5MXX04KF/37 , SA4RGA04BF/37 , SA4RGA02KFS/37 , SA4VBE04KF/37 , SA4VBE08KF/37 , SA4RGA04KF/37 , SA3MXX04BW/07 , SA3MXX04VW/07 , SA3MXX04PW/07 , SA3MXX04KW/07 , SA3MXX04BW/37 , SA3MXX04VW/37 , SA3MXX04PW/37 , SA3MXX04KW/37 , SA3MXX04BC/37 , SA3MXX04VC/37 , SA3MXX04PC/37 , SA3MXX04KC/37 , SA3MXX04K/37 , SA1VBE04KM/37 , SA2945R/37 , SA2925A/37 , SA018102K/37 , SA018102S/37 , SA018104K/37 , SA018104P/37 , SA018104R/37 , SA018104S/37 , SA1ARA08KS/37 , SA1VBE04RS/37 , SA1VBE04KS/37 , SA1MUS16K/37 , SA1VBE08K/37 , SA1ARA04K/37 , SA1VBE16K/37 , SA1ARA08K/37 , SA1OPS08K/37 , SA1VBE04K/37 , SA2446BT/37 , SA2925R/37 , SA5285C/02 , SA3020C/37 , SA3021C/37 , SA2945/97 , SA2925/37 , SA5295C/02 , SA5245C/02 , SA3020/37 , SA3021/37 , SA3285/37 , SA2625WB/37 , SA3025/37 , SA2625/37 , SA2628/37 , SA2825/37 , SA6145/37 , SA3115/37 , SA3125/37 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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