Philips DVD+R DM4S6B75F 4.7GB / 120min 16x



How to optimize the compatibility with Philips drive?

Many compatibility issues with blank media can be solved by upgrading your firmware to the latest version.

To get the latest firmware visit the support/download section on your drive manufacturer's website.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DM4S6B75F/17 , DR4S6B75F/17 , DM1S4B10F/17 , DN1S2S03F/17 , DN1S2B10F/17 , DM1S4S03F/17 , DR8S8B25F/17 , DM4I6S03T/17 , BR2S2J01F/17 , CR7D5JB30/17 , DR4S6S10F/17 , DR4S6B50F/17 , DR4S6B25F/17 , DR4I6S03T/17 , DM4S6S10F/17 , DM4S6B25F/17 , DM4S6B00F/17 , DM4S6B50F/17 , DR4S6B00F/17 . more less

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