HDMI cable

6 ft, Mini-pin SWV2472H/27

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are part of the latest HDMI standard?

4x 1080p Video Resolution - Support for video resolutions up to 4x1080p and beyond. Enables your display to rival Digital Cinema systems used in movie theaters.

Support for new features - 3DTV(all formats), Mobile connectivity, and Automotive connectivity.

Audio Return Channel (ARC) - Allows an HDMI-connected TV with built-in tuner or DVD player to send digital audio data back to a surround audio system. Eliminates the need for a separate audio cable.

HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) - Adds high-speed bi-directional networking to an HDMI link. Allows users to take full advantage of their Internet-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SWV2472H/27 , SWV2432P/37 , SED7488H/37 , SWV2432H/37 , SWV3434H/37 , SWV3432H/37 , SWV3431H/37 , SWV2435H/37 , SWV3475H/37 , SWV3445H/37 , SWV3437H/37 , SWV3436H/37 , SWV2432S/27 , SWV2431S/27 , SWV3431S/27 , SWV3482S/27 , SWV3481S/27 , SWV3480S/27 , SWV3473S/27 , SWV3434S/27 , SWV3432S/27 , SWV3434S/17 , SWV3439/27 , SWV3433W/27 , SWV3472W/27 , SWV3471W/27 , SWV3442W/27 , SWV3435W/27 , SWV3431W/27 , SWV3434W/27 , SWV3432W/27 , SWV3434W/17 , SWV2432W/27 , SWV2431W/27 , SWV2432W/17 , SWV3431W/17 , SWV3432W/17 . more less

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