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    SWW1810/27  Wireless HD AV Connect
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    Wireless HD AV Connect


    There no video displayed on my TV

    • Make sure that the appropriate cables are selected and inserted to the transmitter, receiver, and HDTV

    • Make sure that you select HDMI as the input source on your HDTV. Check the power LED and SOURCE LED on the receiver:

    Flashing blue power LED

    • Make sure that the transmission range between receiver and transmitter is not over the 7 meter/23.1 feet transmission distance (with no obstruction between the transmitter and receiver.) Move the transmitter closer to the receiver.

    Solid blue power LED + slow and flashing source LED

    • Make sure that the frame rate and video resolution of your source device equipment are supported and conform to the technical specification
    • Connect the source device to your TV with an HDMI cable to check the compatibility of the video format

    • Make sure that the video solution your source device is supported

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SWW1810/27 , SWW1890/27 .

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