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    widescreen flat TV

    42", plasma 42PF7320/28


    No PIP (Picture in Picture) shown after connecting (PC) Personal Computer to Philips TV

    1. Press the 'AV+' button on the remote to access the SOURCE list menu.
    2. Press the cursor up/down to select PC-D.
    3. Press the cursor right to activate your selection.
    4. Press the 'MENU' button to access the PC mode menu.
    5. Press the cursor up/down button to select FEATURES and press cursor right.
    6. Press the cursor up/down to select PIP and press the cursor right and PIP SIZE is highlighted.
    7. Press the cursor right/left to toggle the following options (such as OFF, ON, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or SIDE-by-SIDE).

    To enable the PIP to function, an accessory must be connected to the CVI-1[SD/HD], CVI-2[SD/HD] or HDMI input must be connected.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PF7320/28 , 26PF5320/28 , 32PF5320/28 .

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