widescreen flat TV

42", plasma 42PF7320/28


What can I do if a NO INPUT SIGNAL message shown on Philips TV screen when I switch it on

Please check that the VGA Video cable / DVI cable connection from the PC to the PC input (VGA) jack / HDMI socket on the bottom of the TV is properly secured

  • If the connection is good, then the problem could be due to the switching on sequence of the TV and the PC. Follow the recommended switch-on sequence:

  • First turn on the TV and select a TV program.

  • Then turn on the PC and wait till the PC boot up.

  • Press the 'AV+' button on the remote control to show the SOURCE list menu on the TV.

  • Press the cursor up/down to select PC-VGA or PC-D, depends on the connection, and press the cursor right to activate the selected mode.

  • Toggle the PC to transfer the signal to the TV.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PF7320/28 , 26PF5320/28 , 32PF5320/28 .

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