Matchline Flat TV

30", LCD 30PF9946D/37


Headphones are not working when connected to my Philips TV

Headphone volume might be set too low.

  1. Press 'MENU' button on remote control.
  2. Press the cursor right to select SOUND.
  3. Press cursor down to select HEADPHONE VOLUME.
  4. If the headphone volume is, press the cursor right to adjust volume level.
  5. Press the 'MENU' button to exit the menu.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 30PF9946D/37 , 32PF9966/37 , 42PF9936D/37 , 42PF9956/37 , 42PF9966/37 , 50PF9956/37 , 50PF9966/37 . more less

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