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    Matchline Flat TV

    30", LCD 30PF9946D/37


    I cannot finish first time install in Philips TV

    There is a menu on screen requesting in different languages to select a menu language.

    1. Press cursor up/down to select your own language and press 'OK'.
    2. Select AUTO PROGRAM.
    3. Press cursor down to select INSTALL MODE.
    4. Press cursor right to select AUTOMATIC (if prompted, enter the PIN code 0-7-1-1 by pressing the digit buttons to unlock any channels).
    5. Press cursor left.
    6. Press cursor down to select INSTALL.
    7. Press cursor right. Autoprogramming will begin (START changes to SEARCHING)
    8. Follow instructions on screen.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 30PF9946D/37 , 32PF9966/37 , 42PF9936D/37 , 42PF9956/37 , 42PF9966/37 , 50PF9956/37 , 50PF9966/37 . more less

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