Matchline Flat TV

30", LCD 30PF9946D/37


Locking/Unlocking channels in Philips TV

Make sure remote control is in TV mode by pressing 'SELECT' button repeated until 'TV' lights up green.

  1. Press the 'MENU' button once.
  2. Press the cursor right to highlight CHANNELS.
  3. Press the cursor down to select MOVIE RATINGS LOCK.
  4. A list of movie ratings appears. Locked movie ratings are indicated with a yellow box-graphic, unlocked movie ratings are indicated with a blue box-graphic.
  5. Press the cursor right.
  6. Select a rating with cursor up/down.
  7. Press the 'OK' button to lock/unlock selected rating.
  8. A message will appear asking for the PIN code.
  9. Press the cursor right and enter the PIN code using numeric keys (0-9). If the PIN code is correct, the ratings list reappears.
    10, If this is the first time you have entered a PIN code, the TV will ask to enter the PIN code again to confirm it.
  10. When a rating is selected, all higher ratings are also selected.
  11. When ALL is selected, all movies will be locked.
  12. Press 'MENU' button on the remote control to exit the menu.
  13. Each time a movie exceeds the selected rating, the screen is gray and you are prompted to enter the PIN code.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 30PF9946D/37 , 32PF9966/37 , 42PF9936D/37 , 42PF9956/37 , 42PF9966/37 , 50PF9956/37 , 50PF9966/37 . more less

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