Series 2000i Connected air purifer

Series 2000i Connected air purifer

Reduces allergens, gases, odor, Captures 99.97% of particles, App connected, Ideal for medium to large room AC2889/40

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I clean the pre-filter/filters/air quality sensor of my Air Purifier?

Find out here when you should clean the pre-filter, the filters and the quality sensor of your Philips Air Purifier.

Sensor, pre-filter and filters in Philips Air Purifier

When should I clean the pre-filter?

Your Philips Air Purifier’s pre-filter (C in the image shown above) is washable and should be cleaned every month to ensure its optimal functioning.

You should clean the pre-filter when F0 is displayed on your Air Purifier’s screen.

When should I clean the filters?

The filters (A and B in the image above) are not washable nor vacuum cleanable.

Please, replace the NanoProtect filter HEPA Series 3 (FY2422) when the respective A3 displays on the screen, and the NanoProtect filter AC (FY2420) when the respective C7 displays on the screen.

When should I clean the air quality sensor?

For optimal functioning of your Philips Air Purifier, the air quality sensor (D in the image above) should be cleaned every 2 months.

If you use the purifier in a dusty or high humidity environment, then please clean it more frequently.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC2889/40 , AC2889/42 , AC2885/40 .

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