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How to use the Philips/Saeco Coffee Oil remover tablets

Using Philips/Saeco Coffee oil remover tablets (CA6704) help remove grease from your espresso machine’s brew group filter to ensure your machine continues to function properly. Below you will find a step-by-step instructions.

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Note: Using the Coffee oil remover tablets do not descale your espresso machine.

Instructions for espresso machines with pre-ground coffee function

  1. Switch ON the machine
  2. Fill the water tank with tap water to the max indication and place a a cup under the coffee spout
  3. Put one coffee oil remover tablet in the pre-ground coffee compartment
  4. Select the pre-ground coffee function
  5. Select coffee and start brewing. When half a cup of water has been brewed, unplug the machine
  6. Let the coffee oil remover solution act for at least 15 minutes. Insert the mains plug back into a wall socket and switch on the machine. The machine will start heating up and perform an automatic rinse.
  7. Open the service door and remove the brew group.
  8. Rinse the brew group thoroughly under the tap water
  9. Place the brew group back into the machine and put a cup under the coffee spout
  10. Select again the pre-ground coffee function and do not add any pre-ground coffee
  11. Select coffee and start brewing. The machine will dispense some water. Repeat this step twice.
Using Philips coffee oil remover tablet

Instructions for espresso machines without pre-ground coffee function

  1. Open the service door and remove the brew group
  2. Put one coffee oil remover tablet in a cup and fill the cup with 150 ml hot water. Wait until the tablet is completely dissolved
  3. Use the coffee oil remover solution to clean the filter of the brew group. Use a soft sponge or brush to clean the filter.
  4. After cleaning, let the solution act for 15 minutes
  5. After 15 minutes, rinse the brew group thoroughly under the tap with water
  6. Place back the brew group into the machine.
Coffee oil remover filter

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8652/14 , SM7685/04 , SM7684/04 , SM7684/00 , HD8911/48 , EP3360/14 , SM7685/00 , HD8911/67 , HD8924/47 , HD8927/47 , HD8911/47 , HD8917/47 , HD8869/47 , HD8645/47 , HD8745/57 , HD8767/47 , HD8967/47 , HD8855/47 , HD8758/57 , HD8771/93 , HD8759/47 , HD8964/47 , HD8765/47 , HD8773/47 , HD8966/47 , HD8772/47 , HD8857/47 , HD8775/48 , HD8852/47 , HD8750/47 , HD8954/47 , HD8752/87 , HD8751/47 , HD8753/87 , HD8930/47 , RI9753/47 , HD8856/47 , HD8946/47 , HD8944/47 , RI9913/47 , RI9305/48 , HD8745/47 , HD8833/47 , HD8837/47 , HD8838/47 , RI9946/47 , RI9752/47 , RI9755/47 , RI9757/47 , RI9724/47 , RI9837/05 , RI9833/47 , RI9828/47 , RI9822/47 , RI9752/48 , RI9836/11 , RI9944/04 , RI9944/01 , RI9943/11 , RI9737/20 , RI9754/47 , RI9737/21 , RI9304/47 , RI9304/48 , RI9304/49 , RI9701/48 . more less

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