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    HC5612/15 Hairclipper series 5000 Washable hair clipper
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    Hairclipper series 5000 Washable hair clipper


    Hair is getting clogged in my Philips hair clipper

    If you notice a lot of hair getting stuck in your Philips hair clipper, please read below to discover the possible causes and solutions.

    Using incorrect attachment

    Your Philips Hair Clipper comes with two trimming combs, one for your hair and one for your beard.

    Do not use the beard trimming comb on your hair, as it is not designed to trim long hair. Doing so can result in your hair getting stuck in the device.

    Trimming combs for Philips Hair Clipper

    Using incorrect length settings

    It is very important to adjust the length settings of your hair clipper correctly while you are cutting or trimming your hair.

    For long hair please use high length settings.

    Device is dirty

    Your Philips Hair Clipper needs to be cleaned regularly.

    To thoroughly clean your hair clipper you can remove the attachments. The attachments can be rinsed under a tap.

    Please clean the inside body of the hair clipper with the small brush provided.

    Do not put water in the inside body of the hair clipper, as this will damage the device.

    Cleaning Philips Hair Clipper

    Still not working?

    If you have tried the above troubleshooting advice, but your problem is not solved then please contact us for further assistance.

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