Technical Specifications

  • Features

    Silver with deep blue accents
    Cutting unit
    Stainless steel 21 mm width
    Adjustable guard
    4 hair length settings; Hair length: 2-9.5 mm
    Mini shaving head
    Hypo-allergenic foil with one pre-trimmer
  • Technical specifications

    Mabuchi FF180 SH3827 DV
    Power source
    Sanyo KR-3UV 600mAh AA NiCd (1,2V)
    Charging time
    12 hours
    Operating time
    At least 30 min
    Plug-in adapter
    • Cord length: 1 m
    • Sec: 2,3 V / 100 mA
  • Weight and dimensions

    F-box dimensions
    240x180x83 (HxWxD)  mm
    F-box weight
    A-box dimensions
    475x250x19 (HxWxD)  mm
    A-box weight
    2,666  g
    Number of F-boxes per A-box
  • Logistic data

    Pallet size (EU)
    204 x 120 x 80  cm
    Pallet quantity (EU)
    456  pcs
    Pallet quantity (GB)
    600  pcs
    Pallet size (GB)
    204 x 120 x 100  cm

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