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    The filter holder of my Philips Coffee Maker overflows

    There are a few causes why the filter holder of your Philips Coffee Maker is overflowing or leaking. Find out below on how you can solve this. 

    Not placing the filter holder properly

    Ensure that the filter holder is placed properly into the machine. If it is not properly placed, the drip stop will not be activated, which may cause the filter holder to overflow. 

    Not placing the jug and the lid properly

    Ensure that the coffee jug and its lid are placed properly on the hotplate. If they are not properly placed, the drip stop prevents the coffee from flowing into the jug, which may cause the filter holder to overflow. 

    Removing the jug while pouring coffee

    If you remove the coffee jug from the machine for more than 20 seconds while brewing is in progress, the filter holder will start to overflow. Ensure that the coffee jug are not removed during this process. 

    Drip stop is dirty

    Check if the filter holder drip stop hole is clean and not polluted with clogged coffee grounds. You can clean the drip stop under a running tap. 

    Not folding or placing the paper filter properly

    Ensure that when using the paper filter, it is folded and placed properly.
    Folding paper filter for Philips coffee maker

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