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    The red warning/exclamation light on my Philips 2000/2100 is on or flashing.

    Published on 2021-07-04

    If your Philips 2000 or 2100 espresso machine's red warning/exclamation light is on or flashing, read along for corresponding solution.

    This light can be steady on, blinking, or is lighted in combination with other lights.
    All combinations have a different solution, which are described below.

    error 7

    The coffee grounds container is full, or emptied while the machine was switched OFF.

    Empty the coffee grounds container while the machine is ON. Make sure that the warning light flashes before you reinsert the coffee grounds container.

    There is no water in the internal circuit.

    Fill the internal circuit by dispensing hot water.

    1. Turn the control dial to the hot water icon and let hot water come out of the machine until the water flows continuously.
    2. Turn back the control dial to the bean icon when the water flows continuously.

    Multiple Causes:
    The brewing unit is not correctly inserted, the coffee grounds container is not inserted or the service door is open or the control dial is not in the correct position.

    Make sure the brewing unit and coffee grounds container are inserted correctly, the service door is closed and the control dial is in the correct position. If you cannot take out the brewing unit or place it back, switch the machine off and back on again.

    The coffee bean container is empty.

    Refill the coffee bean container

    Please identify in which situation all four lights started to flash and try the corresponding solution.

    When using an AquaClean/Brita filter

    1. Remove the filter from the water tank and switch the machine OFF and back ON
    2. If the message disappears the filter was not well prepared or clogged. Prepare the filter or replace it when used longer than 3 months.

    All lights switch on directly after the machine has been switched on

    1. Switch OFF the machine.
    2. Remove the water tank and remove any coffee beans located on the bottom of the water tank compartment.
    3. Check if the steam wand is clogged. Remove scale/dirt of the steam wand with a needle
    4. Switch the machine back ON and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water.

    All lights switch on during brewing

    1. Switch the machine OFF.
    2. Clean and grease the brew group
    3. Change the grind setting to a courser grind setting (higher number)

    All lights switch on directly after or during descaling**

    • Parts of lime-scale are blocking the system. Switch off the machine for one hour. If the message disappears, descale another time the machine
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