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    My Philips TV displays the message “Philips server not found” or does not respond to the cursor keys in the Net TV/Smart TV “Terms of use” page

    Published on 2016-12-29

    First, install the “Q5551_0.140.34.0” version of the software regardless of the current software version on your TV. Then upgrade your TV's software again to version “Q5551_0.140.47” or the latest version.

    Before installing the TV software, ensure you have the following:

    • An empty USB flash drive with at least 256 MB of free space. The USB flash drive must be FAT or MS-DOS formatted, and have its write protection disabled – do not use a USB hard drive for the software upgrade.
    • A file archiver computer program that supports the ‘ZIP’ file format (for example, WinZip® for Microsoft® Windows® or StuffIt® for Macintosh®).


    Note: This procedure assumes that you use a Microsoft® Windows® PC with the latest version of WinZip installed.

    1. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on your computer.
    2. On your computer, create a folder named ‘upgrades’ in the root directory of the USB flash drive.
    3. On the FAQ page, click on the ‘FUS_Q5551_0.140.34.0.zip’ attachment.
    4. Using a file archiver, extract the ‘autorun.upg’ file from the *.zip’ file into the ’upgrades’** folder on the USB flash drive.
    5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to your USB flash drive and check that the USB flash drive contains a ‘upgrades’ folder with the ‘autorun.upg’ file.
    6. If this file is available, proceed to the next step. If the file is unavailable, repeat this procedure or contact Philips Support in your country.
    1. Switch on the TV set.

    2. Insert the updated USB flash drive containing the ‘autorun.upg’ into the USB connector on the TV.

    3. Press [Home] on the remote control.

    4. Select [Setup] > [Software settings] > [Local updates], and then press [OK].
      »The updates screen appears.

    5. Select the ‘autorun.upg’ file and press [OK].
      » A window appears.

    6. Select [Continue] and press [OK].

    7. The software upgrade starts automatically. The upgrade is complete when a notification message appears on screen.

    8. Before re[Start]ing the TV, disconnect the USB flash drive from the TV.

    9. Press [Standby] on the remote control — do not press [Standby] more than once.

    10. The TV switches off, then back on again. The upgrade is complete.

    11. To prevent accidental updates to the TV software, reconnect the USB flash drive to your computer and delete autorun.upg.

    1. Press [Home] on the remote control.
    2. Select [Setup] > [Software settings] > [Current software info], and then press [OK].
    3. Check that the software version is “Q5551_0.140.34.0”.
    4. If software version is “Q5551_0.140.34.0” proceed to next step. If the software version is not “Q5551_0.140.34.0”, repeat the procedure in STEP 2 or contact Philips Support in your country.
    • When you have successfully installed the software version “Q5551_0.140.34.0”, you can now proceed to upgrade your TV software again to version “Q5551_0.140.47.0” or later.
    • To download the latest software for your TV or read the Firmware installation instructions, click the link under the ‘Attachments’ section on the FAQ page.
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