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    A warning light is On or flashing on my Philips Barista Brew Espresso Machine

    Published on 10 June 2024
    To find out why a warning button is “on” or flashing on your Philips Barista Brew Espresso Machine, please read our article below.
    If the hot water/steam light is blinking white the machine is heating up to use the hot water/steam function.

    If the hot water/steam light is blinking red, see the following causes and solutions:
    • The water tank is almost empty. Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the MAX indication and press the drink button.
    • The water tank is not in place. Insert the water tank, push it as far as possible, and press the drink button again.
    • The brewing pressure is exceeding the limits and no coffee or only drops are brewed. The ground coffee you use is ground too finely, tamped too hard, or too much ground coffee is used. Use ground coffee with a coarser grind, tamp the coffee with less force, and apply the right amount of coffee, we recommend 12 – 14 grams for a single cup and 18 – 20 grams for a double cup.
    Red steam light
    • If the Descale light is continuous on, please descale the machine using the detailed instructions inside the User Manual.
    • If the Descale light flashes slowly, it means the machine is in descaling mode.
    Descaling light
    If the On/Off button is flashing it means that the machine is heating up.
    On/off button
    When all buttons’ lights, light up continuously, the machine is ready for use.
    If these solutions do not solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
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