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Fidelio Headphones with mic

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  • High fidelity, premium quality. Wherever you go.


    Headphones with mic

    L2BO/00 Find similar products

    Fidelio L2 headphones with mic combine the highest standards in sound and comfort for an authentic listening experience. Expertly engineered for natural sound as faithful to the original as possible. Exquisitely crafted for lasting comfort. See all benefits


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High fidelity, premium quality. Wherever you go.

  • High Resolution audio reproduces music in its purest form

    High Resolution Audio offers the best in audio performance, reproducing original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. This uncompromising quality makes High Resolution Audio the best sound companion for the music lover. Fidelio headphones meet the stringent standards required for the Hi-Res Audio stamp of quality. Whether enjoying your Hi-Res collection or a more traditional music source, the smooth extended high frequencies of the Fidelio headphone range help you get more from your music.

  • High-definition optimally vented neodymium speaker drivers

    The neodymium drivers respond to all your music's dynamics. The design includes a vent in the centre which emphasises the middle and low frequencies, producing the acoustic energy that brings extended yet controlled bass and a transparent mid-range. The drivers also feature a light voice coil that gives the system nimble response to match the pace of your music and deliver high-definition sound.

  • Engineered aluminum earshells for acoustic precision

    Aluminum earshells selected for their strength reduce unwanted vibration and resonance. They are mounted on a layer of engineering plastics to make the headphones even more stable. As a result they dampen vibration as effectively as possible for accurate, incisive sound.

  • Memory foam ear-pads designed for an ergonomic fit

    Each material used for the Fidelio L2 has been carefully selected for longer listening comfort. Deluxe memory foam ear-pads provide an ergonomic fit. Not only does the foam mould itself perfectly to the shape of your ear, but it also forms a seal that preserves the best bass response and reduces unwanted outside sounds.

  • Speakers tilted to the ear's natural angle for clarity

    A pre-tilted driver matching the ear cup's natural angle directs the sound straight into the ear canal. This means much less of the coloration that can occur when sound reflects off the outer ear, together with a more realistic soundstage and enhanced comfort.

  • Acoustic semi-open back architecture for natural sound

    The semi-open back design combines the balanced, transparent sound of an open back with the deep bass and noise isolation expected from a fully closed back. It includes finely woven, acoustically resistant fabric built into the acoustic grilles for controlled noise isolation, minimal leakage and reduced ambient noise.

  • Universal remote, mic, 6.3mm adapter and pouch

    Universal remote, mic, 6.3mm adapter and pouch.

  • Carefully tested speakers for the best balance in sound

    Speakers are carefully tested for the best balance in sound.

  • Excellent noise isolation and spacious listening experience

    Excellent noise isolation yet retaining spatial music experience.

  • Premium materials including aluminum and fine leathers

    Premium design in aluminum, real leather, protein leather and fabric.

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