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Using Sonicare brush heads with Philips Sonicare toothbrushes is the best way to deliver our clinically proven results. Choose the toothbrush head from the list below that's compatible with your electric toothbrush and enjoy a clean you can feel.

Change with the seasons

Replace your Sonicare brush head every 3 months

See why you should replace your Sonicare brush head

DiamondClean brush heads

Compatible with

DiamondClean standard toothbrush head

Superior cleaning. Whiter teeth

DiamondClean standard brush head

Sonicare's best performance for cleaning and whitening.
The advanced DiamondClean brush heads, feature unique diamond-shaped bristles, and high-density bristle pattern to help sweep away plaque, while lifting extrinsic stains for whiter teeth in one week.

Learn more about DiamondClean standard brush head
DiamondClean mini toothbrush head

Superior cleaning. Whiter teeth

DiamondClean mini brush head

Sonicare's best performance for cleaning and whitening.
The Compact/mini brush head also provides precision cleaning in harder-to-reach areas.

Learn more about DiamondClean mini brush head

Sensitive brush heads

Compatible with

Sensitive toothbrush head

Gentle, effective cleaning

Sensitive brush head

Designed for sensitive teeth or gums, but still delivering the dynamic cleaning action of Sonicare.

Learn more about Sensitive brush heads

ProResults brush heads

Compatible with

ProResults standard toothbrush head

All-Around Clean

ProResults standard brush head

Larger surface area and contoured bristles thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums.

Learn more about ProResults standard brush head
ProResults mini toothbrush head

Focused Clean

ProResults mini brush head

The smaller brush head size helps you to maneuver electric toothbrush the brush to focus on hard-to-reach areas, where plaque and stains can hide.

Learn more about ProResults mini brush head

Sonicare For Kids brush heads

Compatible with

Sonicare For Kid toothbrush head

Kid-Friendly Clean

Sonicare For Kids brush heads

Two Sonicare For Kids brush head sizes- small for ages 4-6 and tall for ages 7-10- complement the two power levels on the Sonicare electric toothbrush handle. Each brush head thoroughly and gently cleans young teeth and ensure that the brush grows with your child.

Learn more about Sonicare For Kids brush heads

Make a change for a healthier mouth

Make a healthy change by replacing your Sonicare brush head with the seasons

After three months of normal use, the bristles in your brush head will start to exhibit fatigue which reduces the effectiveness of your Philips Sonicare toothbrush. Using Sonicare replacement brush heads means you will continue to get the same great clinically proven results you've come to expect from your Sonicare electric toothbrush. Philips Sonicare’s brush heads and toothbrushes are tested together and are designed to deliver results that are gentle and effective.

Time to Replace

Reminder bristle

After three months of normal use, Sonicare brush heads are less effective at removing plaque.

If you use your brush head twice a day for the full two minutes, it needs to be replaced every three months. Bristles must maintain a certain amount of stiffness to effectively remove plaque, even the extra soft ones in Sonicare brush heads. Studies show that all bristles begin to lose their stiffness due to splay and fatigue after three months of normal use, even though these changes are only visible with a microscope.

Sonicare brush head replacement reminder

How do you know when to replace your brush head? When the indicator bristles on the second row fade half-way, it's time for a replacement. Changing your brush head every three months ensures that you get an unparalleled cleaning experience every time you brush!

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