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    A cup of coffee



    110 ml filter coffee


    This is a long coffee prepared by pouring boiling water over ground coffee in a coffee filter. It can be prepared by hand or with a drip filter coffee machine. Since it is not prepared at high pressure, it does not have a crema layer on top, but has a more rounded taste than espresso.


    In Germany the traditional filter coffee is served in cups of 125ml, whereas a US-American coffee mug will fit around 250ml (roughly 9 ounces). Milk is optional and usually added plain and not frothed. Sugar or sweetener is added to the drinker’s liking, Brazilians being the people that enjoy the sweetest coffee. The latest trend is to add grass-fed butter to your drip filter coffee, which is supposed to help your diet and energy level.


    The filter coffee has recently undergone something of a revival and is becoming increasingly fashionable in Europe. It is sometimes also prepared cold or as slow coffee. Slow coffee has the same preparation method, but with a much less permeable coffee filter, resulting in a very mild filter coffee.


    The amount of caffeine in a filter coffee depends on many factors: The brew time, water temperature, dwell time, coffee coarseness, time of roasting, bean quality and bean type. On average you can say that filter coffee contains less caffeine than an espresso per milliliter. But since the average cup of filter coffee is much larger, you consume around 90mg of caffeine per serving – compared to 40mg for an average espresso. Therefore per cup, filter coffee has more caffeine than espresso.


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