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    Philips Automatic Espresso Machines
    Saeco automatic espresso machines
    Adjustable coffee temperature

    This coffee machine allows you to adjust the coffee temperature to your preference. For example a higher temperature for a heat-absorbing ceramic cup and a lower one for a thin glass or plastic to-go cup.

    Strength select

    With the strength select function you can choose between strong short and mild long coffee.

    Ceramic grinder

    Ceramic grinders beat the competition’s steel grinders on many levels: they provide accurate grinding, supreme longevity and super-silent operation without burning the beans - for pure taste

    Fit different cup sizes

    By raising or lowering the spout or drip tray you can adjust your machine to fit your favorite coffee cup or mug.

    Personal coffee memory

    The machine lets you adjust and save the amount of coffee you prefer to brew.


    Pre-brewing ensures the coffee grounds are moistened before brewing so that aromas unfold evenly.

    Calc indicator

    The machine reminds you when to descale your appliance with the special SENSEO® or Saeco descaler to ensure the maximum machine life.

    Dishwasher-proof parts

    Dishwasher proof parts for easy and convenient cleaning.

    Auto shut-off

    The machine automatically switches off to save energy.

    Milk solutions
    Integrated automatic milk carafe

    The integrated milk carafe froths can easily be stored in the fridge and is always ready to froth milk for tasty Cappuccino and more.

    Classic milk frother

    With the pannarello classic milk frother you can froth your milk exactly according to your preferences. Just dip the pannarello in the milk, while slowly stirring the milk with a rotary movement. Froth the milk as long as you want for more or less foamy milk froth.

    Coffee drinks
    Coffee milk drinks

    Find machines that can prepare coffee drinks with frothed milk - like Cappuccino.


    Find all machines that prepare an espresso shot. Espresso is made by forcing 88º C hot water for 25 seconds under 9bar effective pressure through 7 grams tampered and finely ground coffee for an espresso of 25ml topped with a fine crema layer. More intense and pure than a filter coffee.

    Materials and finishing
    Stainless steel

    Robust stainless steel covers the full product for supreme longevity and premium design

    Plastic & Stainless steel

    Stylish stainless steel elements have been tastefully combined with durable synthetic materials for a harmonic machine design that is easy to clean.

    Long lasting premium materials

    Premium synthetic materials for a durable machine in a stylish design that will delight your eye.


    The Synthetic materials of this machine make it durable and easy to clean - made for people that like the down-to-earth things in life.

    Cleaning & maintenance
    Automatic cleaning and descaling

    More time for the important things in life: The machine will automatically rinse when turned on and off and descale when necessary and you put descaler in the water tank

    Milk carafe cleaning function

    More time for the important things in life: The milk carafe cleans itself after every use.

    AquaClean filter compatible

    Automatic espresso machines that will fit the patented AquaClean water filter. The AquaClean ensures you don’t have to descale your automatic espresso machine for 5000 cups (2 years).

    Accessories and parts

    Everything you need to prepare a coffee or even extend the functionalities of your coffee machine.


    Water filters, descalers and more to help you extend the life of your coffee or espresso machine.

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