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    Philips Shaver

    Quick Clean Pod

    Powerful, cord-free deep cleaning in just one minute. Keep your shaver like new for longer.


    One minute. That's all it takes to keep your shaver like new. The pod uses the shaver's own power instead of mains power, making it permanently cord-free.


    The pod is 10 times* more effective than cleaning with water. It is the world’s smallest and cord-free cleaning pod, so you can store it easily and use it anywhere.

    *with cleaning fluid vs. water in the cartridge

    Quick clean pod in use

    One minute and one touch

    The Quick Clean Pod cleans and lubricates your shaver, keeping it in top condition. It only takes a minute and a touch, and your shaver will be thoroughly cleaned so you can enjoy full hygienic shaving.

    Active lubrication

    The formula enriched with active lubricants protects your shaving heads from friction and wear, and keeps your shaver performing its best for longer. 

    High-pressure injection jets

    The Quick Clean Pod's uses high pressure jets to fire three concentrated streams of cleaning fluid directly into the shaving unit, removing cut hair. 

    Long Lasting

    Each Philips cleaning cartridge lasts up to three months. That's an entire season's worth of clean, hygienic shaving. When it's time to replace the cartridge you'll either 1) find the small window on the Quick Clean Pod that will reflect black if the cartridge is full or white if it's empty or 2) receive a notification in The GroomTribe App. 


    Quick Clean Pod Cartridge 

    Conveniently lubricates and refreshes your shaver.

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