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    whitening is so easy

    Whitening is so easy with Philips Zoom delivered

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    For more information on Philips Zoom Delivered – Call us at (800)-278 8282.

    For more information on Philips Zoom Delivered – Call us at (800)-278 8282.

    Capture. Send. Done.


    Take scans

    Scan or take oral impressions


    Upload scan

    Upload scan or mail impression

    and select whitening gel


    Delivery truck

    We take care of the rest

    Benefits for your practice


    Inventory reduction

    No need to inventory whitening gels as everything is shipped directly to patients. 


    Office efficiency

    No labor or materials needed for tray manufacturing. 


    Bundling opportunities

    Add whitening when scanning for aligners, sports/night guards and more.


    Enhanced patient experience

    Consistently high quality, lab-produced trays, shipped directly to patients.

    Professionals custom trays

    The simple way to whiten patients’ smiles at home

    Get professional custom trays and Philips Zoom whitening gels delivered directly to your patients.


    - 1 set of custom trays

    - 6 syringes of Philips Zoom whitening gel

    Philips Zoom Delivered Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Philips Zoom delivered? How does it work?

    It is an end-to-end teeth whitening service we provide for you and your patients. You simply ship patient’s physical oral impressions or submit their intraoral scan to Digital Orthodontic Care, note the type of gel, and we will make the custom trays.  In up to 7 business days, your practice will receive the trays and gels along with complete instructions on usage. Or, we can ship the kit directly to your patients if you’d like!

    How is this different from take-home that I purchase for my patients today?

    Philips Zoom delivered is a service that uses some of the products in our Philips Zoom take-home portfolio. With Zoom delivered, and in partnership with Digital Orthodontic Care, we'll make the custom trays and ship them with the same whitening take-home products offered to dental offices today, packaged a bit differently and delivered direct to either the office or patient.

    What take-home formulations are offered through Philips Zoom delivered?

    We offer DayWhite 9.5% HP and NiteWhite 22% CP as part of Philips Zoom delivered.

    What are the benefits of Philips Zoom delivered?

    For you as dental professional, Philips Zoom delivered frees up the time and resource to make custom trays in your office.  It also maximizes your investment on the intraoral scanner.  For your patients, no more gagging from impression materials in-mouth!

    What patients are eligible for Philips Zoom delivered?

    Any patients you deem appropriate for at-home teeth whitening are.    

    How much does Philips Zoom delivered cost?

    Contact your Philips Zoom sales representative for details on pricing.

    Does Philips Zoom Whitening Delivered offer any office trial discount?

    Contact your Philips Zoom sales representative for details on pricing.

    How do I get started with Zoom Delivered?​

    Contact your sales rep or Call 1 (800) 278 8282 to book a training session for your practice and create an account so you can place your 1st order. 

    How do I upload the intraoral scan?

    STL files need to be downloaded to your desktop, and then uploaded into the SureCure platform while submitting your order.   

    When would my patient receive the products?

    Your patient would receive the product in up to 7 business days from when the order is received by the lab.

    Who pays for shipping?

    Shipping is free with Philips Zoom delivered.

    Where can Philips Zoom delivered be shipped to?

    As the dental professional, you may choose to have the product delivered directly to your patient's address or alternatively, to your office.  Simply include the preferred "ship to" address when you place the order.

    Do you accept returns?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontic Care for any returns request at 1.844.977.7253 . Since Zoom Delivered is a customized solution unique to each patient, we’d gladly accept returns for damaged/ defective products or when you receive wrong items in the order. 

    How do I pay?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontic Care at 1.844.977.7253 

    Is there any special intructions for the patient to receive the package?

    Please ask your patients to pick up the package at their earliest convenience and store at room temperature once it's delivered.

    Can I track the shipment?

    Yes, upon request only. Please contact Digital Orthodontic Care at 1.844.977.7253 

    What if my patient receives the wrong order?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontics Care at 1.844.977.7253 

    What if my patient does not receive the package after a week?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontics Care Support at 1.844.977.7253 

    What if my patient receives a package with damaged contents?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontics Care Support at 1.844.977.7253 

    What's in the Philips Zoom delivered box?

    Your patients would receive the following:

    • 6 syringes of Philips Zoom whitening gel​
    • a set of custom trays
    • a tray case
    • Quick Start Guide for instructions. 

    What are the types of whitening gels available?

    We offer DayWhite 9.5% HP and NiteWhite 22% CP as part of Philips Zoom delivered.  You may choose either formulation for the patient in a single order.

    What if my patients want more whitening gels?

    For now, your patients can purchase refills through your office. 

    Where can I find out more about the Philips Zoom take home products?

    Please visit www.ZoomSuccessGuide.com. If you do not have an account, registering is very simple. Once logged in, navigate to the products section to learn more about DayWhite & NiteWhite as well as the rest of the Zoom portfolio.

    What if I have additional questions about the products?

    Please call Philips Dental Professional Support at 1-800-278-8282.

    Are the trays trimmed in a scalloped fashion or straight across?

    Scalloped fashion for maximum gel retention and minimal risk of gum irritation.

    How are the trays made?

    The digital models are 3D printed to create plastic models. These models are then cleaned and thermoformed for proper adaptation of the EVA material. The tray will then be trimmed, cleaned and packaged for order fulfillment. 

    What materials are the trays made of?

    The trays are made of EVA materials for maximum comfort and compatibility with Philips Zoom whitening gels.

    Is there any quality control on the scan/impressions before trays are made?

    We screen all of the impressions received to ensure that quality trays can be made. 

    How should the trays be cleaned or stored?

    Brush them softly with a toothbrush, rinse thoroughly, air dry and store in the tray case provided.

    What if the trays don’t fit my patient's well?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontic Care at 1.844.977.7253

    My patient lost their trays. Can I order a replacement?

    Please contact Digital Orthodontic Care at 1.844.977.7253

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