goLITE BLU Energy light

Intense blue light, Cordless, travel lock & pouch, as effective as 10, 000 lux, Treatment time indicator HF3432/60

Frequently Asked Questions

What differs between EnergyUp white and blue light?

The Philips EnergyUp Natural white and the Philips EnergyUp Intense Blue both help equally well to fight the winter blues. It's up to you which one you choose.

White Light

White light contains all the colors of the visible
spectrum similar to natural daylight. Of all the colors contributing to the benefits of the EnergyUp Natural white, it is the color of the EnergyUp Intense Blue that is most effective.

Blue Light

Adding the EnergyUp Intense blue to the normal room illumination has effects comparable to the bright light of EnergyUp Natural white. Since all the other colors contributing to the visual brightness are not contained in the EnergyUp Intense blue, it is very compact and yet comfortable for use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3432/60 , HF3422/60 , HF3431/60 .

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