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    Does my Philips MP3 player support Audible audiobooks?

    Yes, your Philips MP3 player supports playback of digital audiobooks from Audible. Follow these simple steps below in order to enjoy this feature:

    How to download Audiobooks

    1. Install a software called AudibleManager from the Audible website to enable your computer to download digital audio; and,
    2. Create a Audible account if you do not have any

    To transfer the audiobook files to your player:

    1. Connect your device to the computer
    2. Open the AudibleManger software and follow its instructions

    If you are asked to activate your device, use the username and password of your Audible account to activate.

    Note: Should you have any question about the AudibleManager software or your Audible account, contact Audible.

    Activate your GoGear player

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SA4DOT02BNS/37 , SA4DOT02WNS/37 , SA4DOT02BN/37 , SA4DOT02PN/37 , SA4DOT02WN/37 , SA3VBE08KC/37 , SA3RGA04KS/37 , SA3CNT08K/37 , SA3CNT16K/37 , SA3RGA02K/37 , SA3RGA04R/37 , SA3MUS16S/37 , SA3MUS08S/37 , SA3ARA08K/37 , SA3ARA16K/37 , SA3RGA04K/37 , SA1VBE04KM/37 , SA3VBE08K/37 , SA3RGA02KS/37 , SA3VBE04K/37 , SA2VBE04KC/37 , SA2VBE08KC/17 , SA2VBE08SC/17 , SA2ARA08K/37 , SA2VBE08K/37 , SA2VBE04K/37 , SA2ARA16K/37 , SA2RGA04R/37 , SA2RGA04S/37 , SA2VBE04R/02 , SA2RGA08K/37 , SA2VBE08S/17 , SA2SPK04K/97 , SA2CAM08K/37 , SA2RGA04KS/37 , SA2945R/37 , SA1942/37 , SA2925A/37 , SA1ARA08KS/37 , SA1VBE04RS/37 , SA1VBE04KS/37 , SA1MUS16K/37 , SA1VBE08K/37 , SA1ARA04K/37 , SA1VBE16K/37 , SA1ARA08K/37 , SA1OPS08K/37 , SA1VBE04K/37 , SA2925R/37 , SA5285C/02 , SA2945/97 , SA1929/37 , SA5295C/02 , SA5245C/02 , SA2925/37 , SA1948/37 , SA1928/37 , SA4020/37 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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