Philips GoGEAR MP3 player SA4DOT02BNS SoundDot 2GB*

Philips GoGEAR MP3 player SA4DOT02BNS SoundDot 2GB*


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does firmware update of the Philips player take?

Usually the update of your Philips MP3 player will take a few minutes. In some cases, firmware update may take a longer time than you expect (for example, 15 minutes).

General information

Wait until the pop-box box with the message “Your Device has been updated with the latest firmware available” is shown.

Important: Do not disconnect the device from the computer during the update. Otherwise, irreversible damage would be done to the device.

Philips player firmware update

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA4DOT02BNS/37 , SA5AZU16KF/37 , SA4DOT02WNS/37 , SA4ARA08KF/37 , SA4ARA16KF/37 , SA4DOT02BN/37 , SA4RGA04BF/37 , SA4RGA02KFS/37 , SA4VBE04KF/37 , SA4VBE08KF/37 , SA4DOT02PN/37 , SA4RGA04KF/37 , SA4DOT02WN/37 , SA3VBE08KC/37 , SA3RGA04KS/37 , SA3RGA02K/37 , SA3RGA04R/37 , SA3MUS16S/37 , SA3MUS08S/37 , SA3ARA08K/37 , SA3ARA16K/37 , SA3RGA04K/37 , SA3RGA02KS/37 , SA3VBE08K/37 , SA3VBE04K/37 , SA2VBE04KC/37 , SA2VBE08KC/17 , SA2VBE08SC/17 , SA2ARA08K/37 , SA2VBE08K/37 , SA2VBE04K/37 , SA2ARA16K/37 , SA2RGA04R/37 , SA2RGA04S/37 , SA2VBE04R/02 , SA2RGA08K/37 , SA2VBE08S/17 , SA2SPK04K/97 , SA2CAM08K/37 , SA2RGA04KS/37 , SA4020/37 . more less

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