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10.1" LCD Panel, Brown Wood Frame SPF3403/G7

Frequently Asked Questions

The frame of the Philips photoFrame slows down significantly on certain photos. What can I do?

This is mainly due to extra processing time needed to decode very large size high resolution files. The DPF's Smart Cropping (ON by default) feature will automatically resize the file based on the unit's screen resolution and will significantly reduce the size of the photo and eliminate this issue. However, please always keep a copy of the original photos on the computer.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPF3403/G7 , SPF3473/G7 , SPF3483/G7 , SPF3402S/G7 , SPF3472/G7 , SPF3482/G7 , SPF3071/G7 , SPF4480X/G7 , SPF3400C/G7 , SPF3470X/G7 , SPF3400/G7 , SPF3470/G7 , SPF3470T/G7 , SPF3480/G7 , SPF3480T/G7 , SPF3480X/G7 . more less

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