PicoPix Pocket projector

Wireless, 50 lumens PPX4350W/F7


How do I connect the Philips PicoPix4350 to my smartphone using the MHL PPA1240 cable ?

If your smartphone or Tablet is MHL compatible you can connect them to the PicoPix 4350 using the optional MHL cable PPA1240 (not supplied with the Picopix)

Below are the steps:

  1. Connect the micro USB cable end to the Smartphone/Tablet
  2. Connect the mini HDMI cable end to the picopix
  3. Connect the mini USB cable end to the USB port of the Picopix using the mini USB /USB adapter supplied with the PPA1240 cable.
  4. Turn on the picopix and go to Source and select HDMI.

Your Smartphone / Tablet must support MHL standard.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX4350W/F7 , PPA1240/F7 .

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