PicoPix Pocket projector

40 lumens, with USBQuickLink PPX2340/F7


How do I connect my Iphone/Ipad to a Philips PicoPix Projector ppx2330 / PPX2340?

The Philips PPX2330/ PPX2340 are compatible with the following Apple devices:

  • Iphone 4S and below
  • Ipad 2 and below

You can connect your Apple device to the PPX2330 / PPX2340 using an accessory cable model PPA1160:

  1. Connect the optional i-phone/Ipad cable (PPA1160).
  2. Switch the PicoPix “on”.
  3. Select the “source” function in the Menu.

To watch Photos: - Start the Photos App

  • Select your album or any photo
  • Start the slide show

Important :
When the slide show is not running nothing will be projected

To watch a video:

  1. Movies have to be stored to the APP via i-tunes.
  2. Connect your PicoPix to your i-phone.
  3. Start the video APP - i-pod or CineX Player (for DIVX).
  4. Select your video and start it.
  5. The movie will be projected.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX2340/F7 .

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