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    How do I install the driver of the Philips PicoPix2055 on my computer/laptop (Windows)?

    In order to view your computer screen on your Pico Projector you must install the PicoPix Viewer 2 software ( it is saved in the internal memory of your PPX2055, or you can download it from support website)

    • Double click on PicoPix viewer 2 Setup.exe to start the installation (Administrator rights are required)

    • Follow the on screen installation steps and reboot the computer once completed

    • Please disconnect the Y-USB cable before rebooting

    • After rebooting, you must reconnect the Y-USB cable

    • Please launch the “PicoPix Viewer 2” application by double clicking on the “PicoPix Viewer 2”* icon on the desktop or you can go to Start Menu -> All the programs -> picopix viewer.

    • Once running select the mode and brightness you want to use and click OK.

    • To stop using the projector please exit the program from the task bar.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX2055/F7 .

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