BeNear Cordless phone

1000-series, Golden Olive CD1811G/NL

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave Philips handset on the base all the time?

Yes, this will not damage the phone nor the batteries.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1811G/NL , CD1811R/NL , SE6590B/37 , SE6581B/17 , SE6582B/37 , SE6551B/37 , TD4454Q/37 , SE7450B/37 , SE7452B/37 , SE7451B/37 , CD6451B/37 , CD6452B/37 , ID9370B/37 , CD4401B/37 , CD4451B/37 , CD4450B/37 , CD4402B/37 , XL3401B/37 , CD4452B/37 , ID9371B/37 . more less

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