3000 series LCD TV

50" class/po 50PFL3707/F7

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten the child lock PIN code for my Philips TV. How can I reset it?

If you forget the PIN Code, unplug the AC power cord for 10 seconds to restore the PIN Code to 0000.

If you then wish to set a custom PIN Code, proceed as follows:

  1. Press MENU on the remote control and select [Features] >[Child Lock] > [Change PIN].
  2. Enter 0000 using the Number buttons of the remote control.
  3. Enter the new PIN you want using the remote
  4. Press MENU to exit

The information on this page applies to the following models: 50PFL3707/F7 , 46PFL3706/F7 , 40PFL3706/F7 , 32PFL3506/F7 , 46PFL3705D/F7 , 40PFL3705D/F7 , 22PFL3505D/F7 , 19PFL3505D/F7 , 32PFL3505D/F7 , 19PFL3504D/F7 , 42PFL3704D/F7 , 32PFL3504D/F7 , 32PFL3514D/F7 , 22PFL3504D/F7 . more less

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