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    How to switch to preferred audio language in Philips TV from a broadcast with multiple languages audio stream?

    Updated on 2016-12-29

    You can set your preferred audio language in the [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Language] > [Primary audio language] or [Secondary audio language] menu.

    You may also change the [Audio language] from the option menu while you watch TV. The audio language that you choose from the options menu is only a temporary selection. When you change channel or switched off the TV, the audio language will be reset to the default audio language. The default audio language is determined by the language set in the [Primary audio language] or [Secondary audio language] menu.

    If your TV does not select the correct audio language from the broadcast, it may be possible that your preferred audio language contain special audio feature for people who are visually impaired.

    To switch on visually impaired audio:

    1. Press the [Options] button on the remote control, select [Universal access] > [Visual impaired] > then select [Speakers] or [Speaker + Headphone].
    2. Alternatively, you may switch on the visually impaired audio in the [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Language] > [Visually impaired] menu.

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