widescreen flat TV

107cm (42"), LCD, integrated digital 42PFL7682D/12

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do do when blue screen observed when connecting external device to Philips TV via HDMI?

You may experience a blue screen when connected to the external device (such as DVD, DVDR, Set top box,etc) with a video format that does not comply to the television supporting video formats.

This TV support only the video format of 50Hz and 60Hz refresh rates. The source device (DVD, Set top box, etc..) should actually read the TV capability, and only reflect to the user the formats (including refresh rates) that is supported by the TV.

You need to change the correct video format on your external device (such as DVD, DVDR, Set Top box,etc) that the TV support. Please refer to the external device user manual on how to change the video format.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PFL7682D/12 .

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