digital widescreen flat TV

37", LCD, integrated digital 37PFL7332D/37

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the closed caption texts moving around my Philips TV screen? Is there something I can do to stop it?

If this is only true for one or two channels then it is likely a problem with the specific channel(s).

  • Try selecting another digital caption service, such as CS2, to see if that solves the problem
  • Contact the local broadcaster or your cable company if you are on cable for further assistance

The information on this page applies to the following models: 37PFL7332D/37 , 37PFL5332D/37 , 50PFP5332D/37 , 42PFL5332D/37 , 32PFL5332D/37 , 32PFL7332D/37 , 32PFL5322D/37 . more less

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