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    How do I descale my Philips Barista Brew Espresso Machine?

    Published on 17 July 2024
    Descaling your Philips Barista Brew Espresso Machine regularly and when the Descale light, lights up, will ensure great coffee taste and temperature. Watch the video or find the steps below on how to easily do it yourself. 
    Note: Please, only use the Philips Espresso machine descaler (CA6700). You can find the Philips Espresso machine descaler in local and online retailers or from authorized service centers.


    Descaling your Philips Barista Brew Espresso Machine

    Prepare for descaling 
    1. Switch the machine ON. 
    2. Remove the drip tray, empty it, and put it back into place. 
    3. Remove the water tank and empty it. 
    4. Pour the entire bottle of Philips Espresso machine descaler into the water tank and then fill it with water up to the descaling mark. 
    5. Take an empty filter basket, place it in the portafilter, and lock the portafilter at the brew position. 
    6. Place a large container (≥1.2L) under the coffee outlet and hot waterspout. Place another container (≥1.2L) under the steam wand nozzle.  
    Descaling cycle 
    1. Make sure the hot water/steam knob is in the standby position “0” and the machine is ready to use. 
    2. Press and hold the Espresso button and double Espresso button simultaneously and after three seconds you should hear a beep sound. 
    3. The Descale light and drink buttons will start blinking indicating the descaling process has started. 
    4. The descaling cycle starts with dispensing the descaler mixture through the coffee outlet for a while and after that, the descaling mixture will run through the steam wand nozzle for some time.  
    5. This process will be repeated a few times and thereafter the machine will switch itself off. 
    Rinsing cycle 
    1. Empty the water tank, rinse it, and then refill it with fresh water up to the MAX indication. Empty the containers and place them back under the coffee outlet, hot waterspout, and steam wand nozzle. 
    2. Switch the machine back On, the Espresso light turns on. 
    3. Start the rinsing cycle by pressing the Espresso button. 
    4. The machine will start dispensing hot water from the coffee and hot water outlet, then hot water will run through the steam wand nozzle. 
    5. The descaling procedure is finished when the machine has stopped dispensing hot water. 
    6. Remove and empty the containers and fill the water tank. 
    7. The machine is ready to be used for the next coffee serving. 
    Bowl for rinsing

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PSA3218/01 , PSA3218/10 , PSA3228/01 .

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