X-tremeUltinon LED

car headlight bulb


    X-tremeUltinon LED

    car headlight bulb

    Brighter. Whiter. Stronger

    Philips X-tremeUltinon LEDs feature premium LUXEON LED with up to 5700K. Our patented SafeBeam technology projects up to 200% brighter light exactly where you need it. Built to last with advanced AirCool design. See all benefits


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Brighter. Whiter. Stronger

Philips X-tremeUltinon LEDs feature premium LUXEON LED with up to 5700K. Our patented SafeBeam technology projects up to 200% brighter light exactly where you need it. Built to last with advanced AirCool design. See all benefits

X-tremeUltinon LED car headlight bulb

LED-HL [~9012], Number of bulbs: 2, Up to 200% brighter light, Superior white light 9012XUX2 Find similar products

Brighter. Whiter. Stronger

Bright white LED headlights for high-end look

Get 200% brighter light for superior visibility

Get 200% brighter light for superior visibility

Driving in the dark is demanding, so you rely on your headlights. Forward and peripheral vision are both important to enhance your driving ability for a safer drive. With an intense bright beam, Philips X-tremeUltinon LED fog lights for cars improve your visibility by up to 200%. Once you experience this daylight–like effect, you’ll always prefer LED. The more you can see, the better you perform, the faster you react and the safer you are. So don’t let darkness win, choose Philips and start driving at night with greater confidence and control.

Up to 5700K color temperature for crisp white light

With a color temperature of up to 5700K, the Philips X-tremeUltinon LED headlight based on automotive grade LUXEON technology produces a bright white, daylight-like beam. With clearer vision you’re better able to spot obstacles faster and easier. Brighter lights make for a more comfortable and exciting night-time drive.

Upgrade your lights, upgrade your style

If you’re looking to upgrade your style, without buying a newer car, upgrading your headlights is one of the best ways to spend your money. Your car is an expression of who you are, so make a style statement with Philips LED headlights. Instead of yellow, you’ll get a crisp, white and modern light. For that high-end look, most drivers choose the superior style of Philips X-tremeUltinon LED headlights.

Powerful bright light, directed exactly where you need it

The best headlights are not simply the ones that produce the strongest light. Creating ever brighter LED bulbs for cars is the easier task. It’s what you do with that extra light that matters. Uncontrolled bright light is not ideal for driving and can create dangerous glare. Fitted with SafeBeam technology, Philips LED headlights concentrate light where you need it. The uniform and accurate beam pattern is designed according to road safety regulations for halogen headlights. With more precise control of light, you have greater visibility, making you a better and safer night-time driver.

Durable long-lasting LED headlights

You want bright and stylish headlights. But you don’t want to keep replacing failed lamps. That’s a major weakness of conventional headlights; the more powerful the light, the shorter its lifespan. At a higher light intensity level, LEDs last much longer, and Philips X-tremeUltinon LED products show superior durability. Due to features such as AirFlux and AirCool heat management systems, they last for a long time. With most cars replaced or upgraded within that time, your stylish new headlights should last you the lifetime of your car.

Innovative heat management systems for more lifetime

LED headlight lamps generate heat that needs controlling. Philips AirCool technology is a smart cooling system that diverts heat away from the light’s critical components. By increasing heat resistance, Philips LED headlights last longer than other comparable products currently on the market. But durable lights are not just about convenience and value for money, they're also about safety. You don't want your lights to fail while in use. With Philips X-tremeUltinon LED lights you can drive in total peace of mind.

Philips automotive lighting at the highest quality level

The technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry, and has been for over 100 years. The Philips Automotive Grade Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards. Major car manufacturers choose Philips lamps, because when you buy Philips, you buy quality. You get powerful bright light, and precise beam performance. You get high-end style. And you get an advanced LED lighting system for a safer, smoother and more enjoyable drive.

Compatible with many car models

Designed to be easily installed in compatible vehicles, drivers with maintenance experience will be able to upgrade compatible headlights with ease. However, it’s recommended that you get your new Philips LED headlights installed by specialist mechanics – they will make sure you’re ready to go. While these headlights are compatible with a wide range of existing car models, not all car types are supported.

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  • It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.

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