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    Philips Barista Brew Semi-automatic espresso machine


    Your barista creation. With a bit of guidance.

    Indulge in the rich aroma of freshly prepared espresso. Discover the satisfaction of crafting it yourself with the Philips Barista Brew espresso machine—designed to empower real coffee lovers to elevate their skills with every cup.

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    Philips Barista Brew Semi-automatic espresso machine

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    Philips Barista Brew
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    Philips Barista Brew

    Semi-automatic espresso machine


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    Your barista creation. With a bit of guidance.

    Enjoy crafting every cup with intuitive guidance

    • 250gr bean container with aroma seal
    • 58mm stainless steel portafilter
    • Premium calibrated tamper
    • Americano button
    • 450ml temperature perfection milk jug

    250gr bean container with aroma seal

    Dive into a world of coffee variety with the 250g bean container, and preserve their freshness with our effective aroma seal. Elevate your coffee experience while ensuring each brew retains its rich aroma.

    58mm stainless steel portafilter for a barista like espresso

    Indulge in a rich coffee and crema delivered directly to your cup through the professional-grade 58mm stainless steel portafilter and single & dual-walled filter baskets. This portafilter size allows you to create a beautiful golden-brown espresso with aromatic foamy crema while providing more consistent extraction across the coffee puck due to a wider distribution of water. Plus, it accommodates a larger dose of coffee grounds for a richer and more robust brew.

    Premium calibrated tamper for levelled coffee grounds

    Tamp your ground coffee beans effortlessly using the stainless steel calibrated tamper with a flathead, ensuring the right tamping pressure and creating a balanced, consistently leveled tamping surface. Elevate your coffee brewing experience with precision and ease.

    Enjoy your authentic Americano at the touch of a button

    Immerse yourself in the essence of a true Americano with just a simple press of a button, now enhanced with the added convenience of an integrated hot water outlet.

    Temperature perfection milk jug and powerful steam wand

    Enjoy the ease of creating smooth microfoam perfect for latte art with our 450ml temperature perfection milk jug and powerful steam wand. The temperature strip on the milk jug enables you to achieve the right milk foam temperature and create the velvety texture effortlessly to savor your coffee just the way you like it.

    Pressure gauge for precise coffee extraction

    Achieve precise water pressure thanks to the integrated pressure gauge that guides your brewing status and alerts when optimal pressure has been reached.

    Tamp safely with our countertop-friendly tamping system

    Elevate your coffee routine with our countertop-safe tamping system. Achieve the perfect tamp confidently and conveniently, without any risk to your countertops thanks to the integrated tamping rubber on the bottom of the portafilter.

    PID temperature control and pre-infusion

    The PID temperature control system ensures the accuracy and stability of brewing temperature. The pre-infusion system helps prevent a channeling effect. Only full integration of both systems can ensure a balanced extraction.

    European design with anti-fingerprint coated metal housing

    Experience an elegant touch to your barista journey with our stunning European design, featuring a robust metal housing. Where style seamlessly merges with functionality, enjoy a sleek and spotless surface with our anti-fingerprint coating.

    Metal conical burr grinder with 15 grind sizes

    Uncover new flavor depths with 15 different grind sizes (superfine to coarse) from the metal conical burr grinder. To enhance your espresso's flavors, consider using a finer grind, like setting 4, in your recipes.

    Technical Specifications

    • Country of origin

      Made in
      Designed in
    • Technical specifications

      Grinder material
      Pump pressure
      Noise level
      120 V
      60 Hz
      Weight of the product
      8.6 kg
      Product dimensions
      410 x 320 x 334 mm (h x w x l)
      Cord length
      1 m
      Material & colour
      • Metal
      • Silver
    • Coffee settings

      • Single & Double Espresso
      • Americano
      • Hot water
      • Milk froth
      Coffee volume
      Coffee Temperature
      Grinder settings
    • General specifications

      Coffee bean capacity
      250 grams
      Capacity water tank
      Max 2300 ml
      Maximum cup height
      95 mm
      Dishwasher safe parts
      Water filter compatibility
      Automatic switch-off
      Accessories included
      • Portafilter
      • 4x filter baskets
      • Milk jug
      • Tamper
      • Powder ring
      • Espresso stand
      • Cleaning brushes & pin
      Capacity milk jug
      Brew Time
      20 - 75 Sec
      Automatic descaling
    • Service

      2-year guarantee
    • Sustainability

      Energy consumption in stand-by
      < 0.5 W
      Power consumption brewing
      1350 W
      Recycled packaging material

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