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    Avance Collection Pasta maker

    Pasta maker, Grey HR2375/06


    How to use the water markings on my Philips pasta maker

    Please read along for instructions on how to use your Philips pasta maker's water markings.

    Two sets of water markings on the supplied water cup

    Side A with two liquid levels is only designed for normal pasta (all-purpose flour mixed with egg mixture), which is the most popular pasta:

    • 200 g (1 supplied cup) all-purpose flour + 80 ml egg mixture (including 1 egg)
    • 400 g (2 supplied cups) all-purpose flour + 160 ml egg mixture (including 2 eggs)

    Side B with specific volumes is for other pasta:

    • All-purpose flour mixed with pure water/veggie juice mixture
    • Various other flours (as specified in the table below) with egg mixture/pure water/veggie juice mixture, etc.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2375/06 , HR2382/16 , HR2371/05 , HR2358/05 , HR2357/05 . more less

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