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    How do I charge my Philips Groomer?

    Published on 08 July 2024
    Follow our instructions below on how to charge your Philips Groomers, Beard Trimmers and Hair Clippers.

    Charging instructions for Philips Groomers

    Safely charge your device in dry conditions by using the original undamaged cable. Do not leave the product unattended and unplug after charging.

    Charge your Philips male grooming devices when the charging indicator on the body of your groomer signals low battery. If your device does not have a battery indicator on it, then charge it whenever the groomer is working slower than usual. Follow the charging instructions below:
    1. Insert the charging plug in to you grooming device's charging socket. Make sure the plug's shape matches the socket and is completely inserted. Do not force it in.
    2. The charging indicator on your device will start flashing to indicate that the groomer is charging. Once the groomer is fully charged, the charging indicator lights up continuously for approximately 30 minutes and then automatically turns off to save energy.
    3. After charging, unplug the charger from the power outlet and the groomer. Your groomer is now ready to use.
    For most groomers, normal charging time is between 1 to 8 hours. If you are charging your device for the first time, we recommend letting it charge for at least 3 hours. Check your user manual for specific charging instructions of your model.
    Charging instructions for Philips Groomers

    Charging your Philips Groomer with a charging stand

    If your Philips Groomer comes with a charging station, follow the instructions below on how to charge it. 
    • Connect the charging station to a working power outlet.
    • Place your groomer in the charging stand. You may see a light on your groomer or charging stand to indicate that the charging process has begun.
    • Once the groomer is fully charged, unplug the charging stand and continue using your groomer.
    Philips Groomer charging stand

    Quick charge

     If your device has a quick charge feature, after charging the device for 5-10 minutes, it will have enough power for 1 trimming or grooming session.

    Charging with a USB charging cable

    Some Philips products are provided with a USB charging cable. This cable can be connected to a power outlet (plug socket) using an adapter such as the Philips HQ87 (classified as IPX4, meaning it's splash-proof and safe to use in a moist environment such as a bathroom). An adapter from any other reputable brand can also be used to charge the product, provided that it has an output of 5V and 1A or higher (always follow safety precautions specified by the manufacturer).

    The charging times indicated in the user manual for your product are based on charging using this method. If you charge your product using another power source (e.g. a laptop USB port) the charging time may be considerably longer.

    Battery operated devices

    Some Philips grooming devices run on disposable AA batteries. To charge these devices you need to ensure that the disposable batteries have not run out. In case your trimmer does not switch on or runs slower than before, its time to replace the batteries.

    Only use the disposable batteries as specified in your user manual. Do not mix different types of or old and new batteries. When putting in new batteries make sure the + and - poles of the battery point in the right direction.  

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BT3232/15 , MG7960/28 , MG7960/18 , MG5910/28 , BT5511/15 , BT3222/14 , NT1620/15 , NT3650/16 , NT1620/14 , HC7650/14 , NT3600/42 , HC5612/15 , BT5502/15 , BT5511/49 , BT5515/15 , BT7500/15 , BG7025/15 , MG7770/28 , BT3206/16 , BT3216/16 , BT1217/70 , HC3520/15 , BT3210/41 , HC3505/15 , MG5750/28 , BG5020/15 , HC1091/15 , MG5750/18 , MG7790/18 , MG7770/18 , HC1091/70 , MG5750/49 , MG3750/10 , NT3162/10 , BT7201/15 , TT2040/32 , BT5205/16 , BT5200/16 , NT1150/10 , MG1100/16 , NT3160/10 , BG1024/10 , BG1026/60 , HC3418/15 , QT4014/16 , QT4000/16 , BT5275/32 , BT9295/32 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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