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Why are my self-made Blu-ray discs not playing on my Philips Blu Ray player?

You have recorded the Blu Ray content in an unsupported format. This player does not support any of the following formats:

  • BD-RE (ver.1.0)
  • BD-RE (ver.2.0) (Recorded in BDAV format)
  • BD-R (ver.1.0) (Recorded in BDAV format)

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP5506/F7 , BDP5110/F7 , HTS3051BV/F7 , BDP5320/F7 , BDP7320/F7 , HTS3251B/F7 , BDP3010/F7 , BDP3020/F7 , BDP7310/F7 , BDP5005/F7 , BDP5010/F7 , BDP5012/F7 . more less

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