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    Streamium Network Music Player

    Free internet radio NP2500/37


    How to connect my Philips Streamium to my network?

    1. Ensure that your network name and network password and/or encryption key are available.

    2. Turn on your wireless access point or wireless router with broadband Internet access.

    3. Press SETTINGS on the remote control, to go to the Settings menu. Select Network Settings.

    4. Select Wireless (WiFi) to start the network setup process.
      The player searches for networks.

    5. Select your network from the list of found networks and confirm.

    6. Enter the encryption key (if required) and confirm.
      The player acquires the automatic IP address; shows the confirmation for the connection to the network; shows the prompt for the connection to the Internet.

    7. Select Yes to connect to the Internet.
      The player shows the confirmation for the connection to the Internet.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: NP2500/37 , NP2900/37 .

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