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    Streamium Network Music Player

    Free internet radio NP2500/37


    How to set Alarm to play music on my Philips streamium?

    After the alarm is set to music, before going into active standby, the Network Music Player must be highlighting a song from a UPnP music server, or an Internet radio station. It can also be on the play screen playing your favorite song or Internet radio station before going into active standby after the alarm is set to music.

    There are a few ways of setting an alarm to music. The method described below is one of the easiest ways to set the alarm to wake you up with your favorite song or Internet radio station.

    1. Go to Settings. Select Music after selecting Alarm under Clock settings. Enter the time for your alarm.
    2. Press either Internet Radio or Media Lib. on your remote control, depending on whether you want to wake up to Internet radio or a song from a UPnP music server.
    3. Highlight your favorite Internet radio station or song.
    4. Press OK to play it. (Optional)
    5. Press the Power button briefly to go to active standby.
    6. When the alarm time is reached, either your selected Internet radio station or your selected song from a UPnP server will be played.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: NP2500/37 , NP2900/37 .

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