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    When should I replace the blade of my Philips OneBlade?

    Published on 20 June 2024

    You can find out when to replace the blade of your OneBlade by checking the appearance of the blade. Alternatively, if you have a Bluetooth-connected OneBlade, you can also refer to the Philips Daily Care app. Please read further to find out when to replace your OneBlade.

    Replacement indicator

    Your OneBlade is equipped with a blade-wear indicator that will slowly change after use. The pattern on the blade will let you know when it's time to replace it.

    The pattern on the blade will slowly change to an arrow symbol, indicating it is time to change the blade. For some of our older models, the device will gradually display a green bar instead of showing the arrow symbol.

    How often you shave, and accessories such as combs, or guards may impact the blade indicator. For optimal performance, replace your blade once every four months.

    Please visit our online shop to buy new blades for your OneBlade.

    OneBlade Replacement Indicator

    Daily Care app

    For OneBlade models that are Bluetooth enabled, you can refer to the Daily Care app to accurately predict when to replace your blade. If you have enabled notifications on your mobile device, you will also receive a replacement notification when your blade is ready to be replaced.

    Depending on your usage behavior, the exact lifetime of your blade may vary. Similar to manual blades, your blade will become blunt over time, and this may result in reduced shaving performance and an increased hair pulling sensation during shaving and trimming. For optimal performance, replace your blade once every four months.

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